I'm wasting my life, I'm alone.

feel I don't have bone

I'm weak, my life is done.

please, I need someone.

watch the moon...

why never sees the sun?

I don wanna be like them

I need to be kissed by some special one (someone special)

I'm about to lose it

There is no fun

I wanna be brought this fast!

as she is the fun-gun

her bullet is my dream

want her to come by my side, to bring it on.

the bullet of love

I feel I'm her target, has to shoot it before I gone (go)

what a fabulous feeling

she must make it happen, otherwise I'm done

I need someone (!برای 100مین بار)

who drives me nuts just as I need someone

I know sun shines down on her

But I haven't find her, is she gone?

Danoosh, don't take it serious. As is the sun (for the moon)

you are just 16 year old teenager

leave this feeling alone, if you want to be elder, yet you are the number one!

تنها این نکته رو به یاد داشته باشید که بخاطر آهنگ شعر (که به سختی یافته میشه!) من گرامر رو خیلی درست پیروی نکردم و اینکه من الان 16 ونیم سالمه که دوباره بخاطر شعر، نوشتم 16 سال.

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